I Hate Losing Contact Information

Although I’m not proud to admit it, I managed to lose my Blackberry on my first night in Las Vegas (I’m celebrating New Year’s out here in Sin City with some friends).

Over the years my track record for losing cell phones hasn’t been stellar and as they get more expensive, it hurts that much more. But moving beyond the expense and the fact that I’ve been without my cell phone and text messaging capabilities for the past few days, losing all of my address book information is what hurts the most.

Every time I manage to do this, I’m reminded of how much room for innovation there is around web-based address books and contact information storage. I mean, why can’t we come up with some ultra-simple solution that somehow magically synchs my Blackberry to my address book in my webmail account? Why do I have a separate address book in webmail, a separate one in Outlook, and a separate one in my Blackberry?

I have no doubt that is there probably some really expensive and complicated solution out there, but I’m convinced that if me (a *relatively* tech-savvy guy AND the CEO of an email hosting company) and many of my friends (I happen to hang out with a cell phone losing crew) haven’t found a solution, that spells opportunity.

Most great solutions are born out of a personal need to solve a problem, right?

My mom would just tell me that the real solution is to stop losing my cell phone but I think there is a bigger opportunity here. In the meantime, I need to go get another Blackberry.

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