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Q2 Goals

Q1 is over and Q2 is off to the races. Let’s see how I did against my Q1 goals:

My top five Q1 goals were:

1. Eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner, at least once, with every employee
– No, I didn’t quite achieve this one. I was pretty aggressive but nevertheless, I didn’t each with everyone.

2. Call every customer that gives us a bad score on our customer loyalty survey
– Yes, I did achieve this one. Luckily there weren’t too many.

3. Review every employee that reports directly to me
No, I didn’t quite achieve this one.

4. Attend at least one out of state tradeshow or networking event
Yes, I did achieve this one.

5. Confidential
Yes, I did achieve this one.

So I hit 3 out of 5. Pretty good by some measures, pretty bad by others. As we move into Q2, I plan to pay more attention to my goals and make sure I hit them. I also need to make them more achievable from the get-go (I would argue in hindsight that the breakfast, lunch, dinner goal was close to unachievable). And finally, I will circle back and make sure I finish up my Q1 goals in Q2.

Here are my Q2 goals:

  1. Commit to the best financing path for our company
  2. Integrate our newly hired Vice President of Marketing into the company; I want to be able to fully hand-off at least three marketing functions where I currently spend my time.
  3. Eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner with every new full-time employee at least once

… and finish:

  1. Finish reviewing everyone that reports directly to me
  2. Take everyone I didn’t take in Q1 to breakfast, lunch, or dinner at least once

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