• Paul Graham on Startup Hubs
    Paul Graham, a blogger and early stage VC, has two great essays out on why startups form where they do. In How to Be Silicon Valley, he talks about what he thinks it takes for a city to become a startup … Read more
  • Email is Still Good
    A gazillion people sent me the link to Isaac Garcia’s follow up post to the ‘The Good In Email (or Why Email Is Still The Most Adopted Collaboration Tool)’ article he blogged a few weeks ago (both were Slashdotted, so both got … Read more
  • How We’re Going to Win in the Face of Increased Competition
    It’s no surprise to anyone in our industry that the email hosting world is a competitive place. I’ve mentioned before how competitive of a space it is, how the big boys can overshadow the market, and reasons why I believe we can … Read more
  • Are We Built to Flip?
    There is a lot happening on the Internet these days. As I’ve mentioned before, it feels like 1999 again with all of the startups launching, all of the M&A; activity taking place, and all of the big boys launching something new … Read more
  • Hindsights by Guy Kawasaki
    I recently started following a new blog authored by Guy Kawasaki, one of the more famous venture capitalists and author of several books on starting companies. Today he’s got a great post called Hindsights, which is a speech he gives to graduating high schools … Read more
  • I Hate Losing Contact Information
    Although I’m not proud to admit it, I managed to lose my Blackberry on my first night in Las Vegas (I’m celebrating New Year’s out here in Sin City with some friends). Over the years my track record for losing … Read more
  • Paul Graham On How To Do What You Love
    Last Update: January 30 2006 2PM I’ve blogged before about how I love what I do. And I meant every word of it. Probably because I’m lucky enough to have found a career where I love going to work every day, I’m constantly evangelizing to people—family, friends, employees, and prospective employees, etc.—how important it is to … Read more
  • Does Google Care About Their Customers?
    Lew Moorman from Rackspace wrote a great article today about Google. He asks an interesting question: can Google continue to snub their customers? I think it’s a great question and one I’ve been thinking about for a long time. As a disclaimer, I try really hard not to be one of those people that hates … Read more
  • Q2 Goals
    Q1 is over and Q2 is off to the races. Let’s see how I did against my Q1 goals: My top five Q1 goals were: 1. Eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner, at least once, with every employee– No, I didn’t quite achieve this one. I was pretty aggressive but nevertheless, I didn’t each with everyone. 2. … Read more
  • When Is The Right Time To Raise Money?
    I am flattered to be able to say that entrepreneurs and business executives are contacting me these days seeking business advice. I am always happy to help and frankly, I really enjoy working with ambitious, motivated people. One question that I constantly get is, “when is the right time to raise money for my business … Read more
  • Does Simple Have To Mean Less?
    Joel Spolsky has a great post about the subject of Simplicity as it relates to software development. Building simple software applications is one of the Web 2.0 mantras as small companies take on their larger counterparts, trying to compete by doing less. Many of these companies seem to believe that if you build less features into a … Read more
  • Quarterly Goals
    Inspired by Verne Harnish, we are adopting a quarterly goal system at Webmail. We’re going to put together, and publicize internally, five goals each quarter. We’re also going to ask each employee to come up with three to five personal goals that they would like to achieve. Each goal needs to be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and … Read more